20 August 2010

.::Mengapa Berdiam::.

selamat malam sume..
hurm acc i dont have any story to post today...
juz i have a little bit confuse..
ngn seorang mmbe ni..
msj die xblas..
knp ye..sbb smlm aq ade tnye something yg wat die kcik ati ke??
tp bile pk2 blik aq xde la tnye die something yg sensitip..
aq msj mlm ni tp langsung die xreply..ish...
rse xsedap hati tetiba..
knp ye??
if i have do anything plz tell me my dear frenz..
dont be silent like this..
i feel not comfortable with this situation..
where r u my dear frenz..
confuse nite...


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