26 December 2010

.::I Miss You::.

i had a dream on my sleeping beauty..
owh damn it..i really shock with the dream..
when i open my eyes..i look around n i know it only a dream..
it will not happen..but it's not possible might be happen..
the dreams make me feel i miss him..
i don't know why must that feeling appear in my heart..
why should i feel that feeling..
i really confuse..just only know one thing..
that i really miss you!!

.::Detik Kebusy-an Tiba::.

lama n lama x update n x upgrade this blog kn..huhu..
cm bease no more story want to share..
n skrg ni da dapat "mr.A" yg pertama..
huwaaaaa..hepi giler..xterkata..sampai menitis air mate..haha..
assignment Knowledge System..
assignment ni berkenaan Medical diagnosis System..
ape rase klo dak software abis jek study jd dktr??
agak2 diiktiraf x??hahah..nak wat cmne..
sbject ni maybe sbb system yg dktr2 guna ntok test sesuatu penyakit tu guna computer..
so itu da trmasuk IT n SOFTWARE la kn..hihi..
aih..rse cam malas mau buat assignment ni..
bease la bila "m" da muncul..:P

Usia Ku

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