10 November 2010

.::Gud Nitez::.

i felt very sleepy...
i felt want put my head above the soft pillow..
in this time, the mattress likes call me to use it..
forget all confusion which hit myself..
gone above the mattress, place the head on pillow, and hand receptacle read the prayer sleep..



LinE PuTih LiNe HiTaM said...

nasib bek tak ttido dalam exam.. kalau ade bantal mst dah tido..

♪♬ Siti Nor Aisyah ♬♪ said...

line putih line hitam:
hah kan dah pesan semalam namo tido dalam dewan..hahah..kalau tol la ade bantal gerenti paper tu kosong jek kn..:)

Usia Ku

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