10 November 2010

.::Again n Again::.

it happen again n again...MyEm0.Com
how dare them make me like this..
i hate them coz give me punishment without rational thinking..
without rational minds..might be..
if has a rational in their self, this all must not happen today..
damn hurt my feeling rite now..
and its hurt when have people love us not understand n believe us..
MyEm0.Comwhat ever happen it will happen..
what ever their do, i accept with a smile..


LinE PuTih LiNe HiTaM said...

wayoo... pe kes.. sabaq2

♪♬ Siti Nor Aisyah ♬♪ said...

line putih line hitam:
sabaq la ni..lame sabaq..ngat da tenang upenye makin keruh..tapi pape pon hidup kne senyum..:)

Usia Ku

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