22 April 2010

.::cont OSI Layer::.

ni cont ape yg aq dok post b4 ni..

data link layer:
  • to deliver data units from one station to the next station without error(node-to-node)
  • data packets are encoded & decoded into bits.
  • adds header &trailer to the data being sent.
network layer:
  • responsible for the source to destination delivery of packets across multiple network link.
  • the data link layer oversees station to station (node-to-node) delivery.
  • ensures that each packets gets from its point of origin to its destination successfully & efficiently.
transport layer:
  • responsible for the source to destination (end-to-end) delivery of the entire massage.
  • end-to-end packets delivery.
  • segmentation & reassembling (flow chart)
  • transparent transfer the data between end system.
session layer:
  • it is network dialog controller, it establishes,maintains & synchronizes the link between communicating devices.
  • ensures the each session close appropriately rather than shutting down abruptly & leaving for user hanging.
presentation layer:
  • ensures interoperability among communicating devices.also responsible for code conversion.
  • also responsible for the encryption &decryption of data security purpose.
  • also responsible handles the expansion & compression of data when necessary for transmission efficiency.
  • ASN1(Abstract Syntax Notation One)
application layer:
  • enables the user,whether human or software to access the network.
  • provides user interface & support the services such as electronic mail, remote fail access & transfer.
  • CMIP(Common Management Information Protocol)
  • CMIS(Common Management Information Service)
ade lg yg aq dok lom bce..
mate lak segar xngntok..
tp pale hotak ni da melayang2 se nye..
cont later.......

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