22 April 2010

.::OSI Layer::.

OSI Layer:
  • OSI(Open System Interconnection)
  • have 7 layers in OSI.
  • layer should be created where are different level of abstraction is needed.
  • each of layer should be perform as well define function.
  • the function of each layer should be chosen with an eye towards defining internationally standardized protocol.
  • the layer boundaries should be chosen to minimizes the information flow across the interface.
  • the no. of each layer should be large enough that distinct function needs not be thrown together in the same layer out of necessity, & small enough that the architecture does not become unwieldy.
functions of physical layer:
  • coordinate the function required to transmit bit of stream over a physical medium.
  • it deals with mechanical & electrical specifications of a primary connection such as cables&connectors.
  • line configuration: topology, bit synchronization & data transmission mode.
ni bkn la aq nk merepek..
tp ape yg aq taip kt ats ni note brkenaan exam sok..
ni bru suku notes yg aq dok study..
puas bce byk kli tp xmsok2 dlm pale..
ayt sume ulang2..pening2...
prmudahkn la hambaMU ini memorize the notes....
ok..will be cont later.....

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