01 January 2012

.::End of 2011::.

being my self only is better than try to be changed everything..
last of 2011, i cry about something..
my heart really feel so hurt..
so sad and sad..
why?? it will be my secret..
for the whole time be a friend with someone, on the end of 2011, i feel so touched..
it make my tears come down without any signal..
day by day i feel so far, and indeed he has been away ..
there is nothing that can change this situation ..
felt off from day to day ..
I know that myself is just a friend, close friend ..
but that was before .. now it seems to change ..
myself is no longer needed as before ..
I should be aware of this since the old days ..
that he love is only temporary for me ..
without me he could continue to live ..
if I have no sight he will not feel anything ..
because he is not the bothered about me ..
feel marginalized..

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Usia Ku

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